Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's Build a Home

Entire building process was quite long, a bit confusing and very educational. Our Builder Friend guided us through all the steps and provided with great tradesman.

After the test wholes were filled with dirt again, and all permits were in place we could finally start to build our home. The measurements were taken again and the stakes went into the ground.

The excavation was a bit scary as I was the one holding "the stick" with a gigantic excavator digging all around me, uncovering countless boulders just below the surface of the lot.

Than we measured and placed the stakes to position the footings.

Next came the footing inspections in boiling heat of the early August sun. We had three of those, because the soil was “loose”, clay soil usually is “loose” when it’s dried by the hot sun…

Slowly we got to the framing stage. The first day our framing foreman showed up at the site with a broken arm with metal pins poking through the bandages. That didn’t stop his crew from doing the job efficiently and to high standards.

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