Friday, April 27, 2012

Bathroom Bubles... no more.

THIS is my new shower... in my old Master Bath:

Our 24 year old home in the city was cosmetically updated right after we purchased it almost 2 years ago.  We didn't however touch any of the bathrooms or the kitchen.  We decided that we will do that at the later time.

Well, that time has come...

We decided to renovate the Master Bathroom. 

It was pretty bad, original burgundy tiles, stained sink and a bottomless pit of a cabinet (it wasn't really bottomless) but it felt like it, as it didn't have any shelves and I was never able to find anything I needed in there.  And let's not forget the beat up, tired, old cast iron bathtub with chipped and stained enamel, that made me cringe every time I had to step in there to take a shower.

The bathroom was so bad in fact, that once I asked my Hubby to re-do it, he got to it so fast, I had no chance to take the before photos!  He was done with the demolition in a flash!

All I have is few "during" photos that will have to do. 

Here is another look: 


As you can see, we ripped it all out and were left with bare walls and some bare studs...

It was good to see the old stuff gone and it was very promising to imagine what the bathroom would look like when the new tiles were installed. 

We decided that since there are 3 other full baths in this home and all have bathtubs, we really didn't need one in our Master Bath, especially since we usually only take showers and we indulge in long luxurious baths in our Maxx Jacuzzi when we go to our country home on the weekends. 

It was an easy decision, especially after I found the perfect glass accent tiles!

Here is the little preview of the tile craftsmanship of my good friend, Janusz. 

The shower design, and tile composition are my humble efforts. 

Now I just have to source out the glass doors and purchase the vanity...
This is not done yet, I'm still working on it, just wanted you to see where we were going. :)