Joanna Gerber is a Professional Photographer, an Interior Designer and Decorator, a Home Stager and a former Realtor.  

She has 17 years of hands-on experience in Real Estate Investing and Renovations; as well as a very valuable knowledge of residential home building (acquired during the time she was overseeing her home building project in Moonstone, Ontario).  

On the long list of Joanna's accomplishments over the years you will find a successful design studio, a custom drapery workroom and hardwood flooring company.  

She started out as a Photographer in Toronto in the early '90, but soon her young family was blessed with two beautiful boys so her passions and her career had to be put on hold.  During that time new interests developed and new ideas came.  

Joanna's favourite style is Sophisticated Country. Calming and comfortable, easy and light.  Most of her ideas are born on her back deck overlooking beautiful Spruce Trees; the calming green and restful blues give her strength. 

There is one other aspect of Joanna's abilities... she has a wonderful gift of being able to reuse existing pieces that her Client's already have in new, unexpected way.  

If you are decorating on a budget, Joanna will show you how to shop the wonderful, gold-mind of second-hand stores.  It's lots of fun!  

If you are looking for Design Services in Simcoe County, Joanna is available for in-home consultations.  Please contact Joanna to book an appointment.

To find out more about the Decorating Services offered by Joanna Gerber please go here.  

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