Friday, January 21, 2011

We own the land... Now what?

Next step was to have the land surveyed.  Then we started looking for home designs that we liked.  I spend weeks over different design books and magazines.  Finally, I had a good idea of what our perfect home should look like.

This was our inspiration: (

We loved the look, and style, we were not sure about the layout inside. The bedrooms were all in one area. Back to the drawing board we went.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding That Perfect Spot

Our search for the place to build our home started in late summer 2004. After viewing several properties within 50 km radius from the city, and running scared from quite a few, I finally came across one that touched my heart in a special way.

Just listed, one acre lot in an existing subdivision framed by mature Spruce trees and tucked away in the corner of the neighborhood.

Just beyond the property line there was an old barn, charming and mysterious.

When I stepped out of the car, I knew where will my laundry hang one day...
We submitted an offer and became the proud owners of small piece of heaven.

The first step to our new life was behind us...