Hello Friends.

Let me tell you a story...

Ever since my son was 7 years old, he has spent every waking moment on the ice.
12 years with the same ice dance partner at the Mariposa Skating School in Barrie.
In September 2011, his partner quit and Peter thought that he may have to say good bye to the ice for ever.

Canadian born, to Polish parents, Peter was lucky enough to have dual Citizenship. Polish Skating Federation was actively looking for just the right partner for one of the best Polish Skater, who's partner quit just recently.

Justyna and Peter were partnered in January 2012. Peter left his life in Canada, his friends, his family, he suspended his studies at the Georgian College and moved to Poland. Few months later the team was selected to train with the best coach in the World, Igor Shpilband. This time Justyna had to leave everything behind, pack up and move to Michigan to take advantage of this once-in-the-lifetime opportunity.

Within the first year they became Polish National Silver Medalists and the only Dance Team in Poland to qualify for World Figure Skating Championships this year.

Peter will be 21 in few days... for almost 14 years I have been making his skating costumes. This year I no longer needed to do that... but the truth was, I missed it tremendously. While going through my huge stash of beautiful, leftover fabrics (that every sewer has), I was thinking of the creative, beautiful way to use the fabrics and countless beads that I collected over the years.

An Idea came... and I took off with it.

My One of a Kind, handcrafted flower brooches are made with love. This is to support my Son's dream. This is for my son and his skating partner. Entire profit generated from the sales of those unique brooches goes to the Senior Skating Team of Justyna Plutowska and Peter Gerber to help with their living expenses in Michigan, USA while they train there.

When you purchase one of those creations-from-the-heart... you are giving those young Athletes a chance.

Thank you.

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