Online Design Services

What is an Online Design Service?  

We start by sending you a detailed questionnaire.  You will be asked to tell us not only about the things you like and enjoy, but also about your lifestyle, if you have small children or pets.  You will share with us the colors that make you feel calm and happy (just by looking into your own closet). We will also need to know what what is the climate where you live and the general setting of your home.  You will be asked to provide a budget for your decorating project.

Based on the way you answer my questions, I will determine the style choices that will best suit your needs and wants. 

Once the questionnaire is submitted, it will take about 2-4 weeks to create your specific design. It will include ideas, suggestions and recommendations for new peaces but also those items that you have in your home.  

What will be included in the Custom Design Plan: 

A Custom Design Board (idea/inspiration board) 
Complete Color Scheme (3 options) 
To scale floor plan 
A 3D floor plan
Specific item recommendations for flooring finishes, furniture, lighting, accessories, soft (fabric) furnishings, window coverings, artwork and area rugs. 
Shopping list with links to online stores (if any) 
Shopping list with suggested store locations (if available) 
Furniture placement recommendations 
Suggestions for usage of existing pieces
Suggestions and techniques for altering and/or refinishing existing pieces as needed. 

Below is an example of a simple Design Idea Board, one of many elements representing the process. 

Please note: Once the design is started,no changes will be allowed. (Original request stated that you love the contemporary style and that's what I started researching - then halfway through the project you decide that you like traditional style) If for some reason, an item that I suggested is not available, I will go back and research an alternative item that will work with the existing scheme. 

How much will an Online Design Plan cost?

One Room Online Design Plan $400
Two Room Online Design Plan $750
Three Room Online Design Plan $1100 (Open Concept designs that include a combination of Kitchen, Dinning and Family Room or similar)
Commercial Space Design will be quoted (please contact me at 705-794-6482)

How do I start? 

First step in the process of requesting your Online Design Plan is to make a payment via Paypal on the side bar of my blog.  Once the payment is processed, and no latter than 4 working days, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and the aforementioned questionnaire.  

Please return it to me as soon as possible along with the pictures and the measurements of your space, so I can start working on your design. 

Once the design concept is finalized, it will be sent to you by e-mail. 

Will my design be shown on your website?  

Yes, the Idea Board and Suggestions will be posted on my site and/or my blog.  However your identity, address and your pictures will not be used unless I have your written consent to do so.  

Depending on the current design trends, I may use the design concept for a blog story.  Here a before and after photos may be used if you choose to share them.  Again, your name and location will not be posted. 

Creating a Design Inspiration for a specific space is like crating a custom suit or a sofa, it takes time and effort.  Please note that I will not be able to refund the money paid for this service, once the design process is started.  

If you have any questions, kindly please give me a call at 705-794-6482 or contact me here.

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