Friday, June 3, 2011

Master Bedroom Flooring

We've been in our "new" home almost 5 years now(!), so time came to re-buff the floors. 

We have beautiful ash floors, custom stained in warm brown with red undertones.  At first we opted for a high gloss finish, since it was most durable and we have a cat, who at that time was quite frisky and we were afraid, that when she runs around, the floors will get damaged.

This is what our bedroom floors looked like two weeks ago.

Since the cat is 5 years older spends most of her time sleeping... this time we chose to go with a satin finish. 

This is after the first coat, one more to go:

I can't wait for that last coat, so I can start moving the furniture back into the room.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crowning the Master Bedroom

 After that long painting process, we were finally done. Paint colour just the way we wanted, calm, welcoming and soothing. But there was still something missing.

The wall seamed unfinished still.

 So we decided to add the Crown Moulding to those bare walls...

It always amazes me that my Hubby knows how to do all those things at home, lately he has been teaching our son to do the same.

Here's my talented Husband...

And here is our son...
This is what those walls look like today:

Now what I need is an old headboard from Salvation Army that I could paint white just like this one from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Here is how Kristin worked her magic in the guest bedroom.  

I LOVE the look!