Friday, June 3, 2011

Master Bedroom Flooring

We've been in our "new" home almost 5 years now(!), so time came to re-buff the floors. 

We have beautiful ash floors, custom stained in warm brown with red undertones.  At first we opted for a high gloss finish, since it was most durable and we have a cat, who at that time was quite frisky and we were afraid, that when she runs around, the floors will get damaged.

This is what our bedroom floors looked like two weeks ago.

Since the cat is 5 years older spends most of her time sleeping... this time we chose to go with a satin finish. 

This is after the first coat, one more to go:

I can't wait for that last coat, so I can start moving the furniture back into the room.

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  1. Hi Humber-
    thanks for leaving a comment today, it's so hard loosing the ones you love, thankfully we have things to remember them by. I'm in love with your wall color and your floors! I was just at SW today trying to pick out paint for our master. That is going to be my next big job. I wish you could install the hard wood floors right now but I'm afraid it might have to be pushed for awhile, who knows. I'm so excited for you to be finished! I'm your newest follower :)
    Have a great evening!