Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rustic Pine Table Story

Not that long ago, my entrance hallway looked quite dreadful... I get up at 4:30 each morning and because I  don’t want to wake up my Better Half, I style my hair in the front hallway.

That always meant, getting my dryer from the main bath, plugging it in... and let’s be honest not always having time to put it back where it belongs after I was done, especially when my son was already in that bath and I was running late. ..

So too many days the front hallway looked like this:

And let's be honest... I felt really guilty about allowing this to happen...

Shame on you HUMBER!

So my quest was to find a solution.

I needed storage. I needed something stylish to display my favourite things, and I needed something that would fit that awkward space between the side of the front door and the wall.

I started searching and this is what I found at Olde Good Things

The price tag... $1,050.00

Well... no thank you... 

I'm sure that my Hubby could build one for me... 
So I asked if it would be doable to build one just like that... or almost like that. 

Here is what we came up with:  (the front hallway actually looks like this... ALL the time now!)

See those cables in the basket?  That's my hair dryer!

This just the perfect spot for my candle holders... love the colour of those candles!
Here is the closer look at the grain: (it's just a 2" thick pine board from Home Depot)
We just beat the life out of it with a motor bike chain and used the grinder to crate the rough texture.
Then Hubby stained it warm, dark brown - we own a hardwood flooring company, so I had a my pick of colours. 

And one more close up: (Here is my next project BTW... all those sea shells, hmm what should I do with those?)

Did I tell you that we spend about... $35.00 for the wood? Stain and varnish came from supplies we had on hand.


  1. I like yours better!! It turned out great, thanks for linking up!

  2. what a wonderful piece of furniture your hubby made! Great idea.

  3. I LOVE that table! I want to make a bench that looks like your for the entry way with baskets on a shelf and room under the shelf for shoes...someday!

  4. What a difference!! LOVE the table. You are so lucky to ahve a hubby who can create your visions. And the baskets are lovely!