Monday, February 4, 2013

Beauty Underfoot...

Next stage... 

FLOORING!  My Client had her heart set on real hardwood flooring; but didn't consider one important obstacle.  We were working in the lower level, mostly below grade.  Even thought her home was designed with a high basement, 2/3 of that space was still... below grade.  We were unable to install hardwood directly on the cement slab.  She wanted wood, so I went shopping.  

I came across the "hand scraped beauty" that looked like wood, but wasn't.  

Spectacular warm brown color with hand-scraped design that adds loads of character once the flooring was installed.  

You really can't see the character yet, since the dusty footsteps are there, but believe me... it has character!  

A bit more detail:

 Under the staircase:

 Still needs a bit work right there....

And one last view with the already stained steps, but we may have to tweak those a bit.  What do you think? 

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