Friday, February 1, 2013

Walls? Done!

I'm so excited!  

One of my latest projects is putting a huge smile on my face.  

My Client waited so long to finish the lower level of their beautiful raised bungalow.   They live in a country on a beautiful property that allows them to host mid-summer parties and get-together's.  
But after the long day in the sun, it would be nice to have enough space to accommodate everyone in the evening; watch a movie, dance perhaps, have couple of drinks... 

The Clients had a pretty good idea how they wanted the space to feel.  They knew where they wanted storage, where the sofas would sit and what kind of TV they want.   

So we got to work and the progress was incredible.  

The ledge that you see, is the foundation (2/3 of the wall); the two pipes next to the light are there to transfer the cables from the electronic components like Blue Ray, Play Station or DVD player from the entertainment unit that will be placed in front of the ledge (pipes at the bottom of the picture). 


Here are the only windows in this area.  When the house was designed, the windows were positioned on that wall and not on the back wall as the plan was to have a deck built spanning almost entire width of the home.

The bulkhead you see here was a bit of a problem... Ceiling was quite high, but the venting system had to go... right there and we had to somehow avoid the existing window on the left when finishing the ceiling.  

The speed with which we are moving along, is very promising.  I should have the pictures from the next stage (flooring) very soon.   

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