Monday, February 28, 2011

Where to put the bedrooms?

Once we decided on the style that we liked, the time came to come up with the interior layout. We opted for boys bedrooms and the main bath on one side of the home, large, open-concept living space in the middle and the master suite on the other side.

The plan that we came up with was finalized on paper by a local Architect and we got a "go ahead" to talk to our friend who builds homes for a living. 

He visited the site with us, plans in hand... and told us that we can build this home here... but it will be waaaay in the back of the property, leaving us with no back yard at all and a very loooong driveway.

So, I called my Architect and told him to re-design. Two weeks later I had the modified plans in hand and we were ready to apply for the building permits.

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