Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Master Bathroom was a major project... we started on the wrong foot and installed tiles that we didn't love.  Thank God, prior to grouting we started talking and we found out that none of us likes the tiles. 

The solution? RIP THOSE TILES OUT!  It took us one hour to do that, and boy were we glad we did!
The new tiles are so much nicer and look beautiful in the space:

Tiles are from Olympia Tile in Toronto. So worth the trip, I loved them, and the price was right... I have this thing, I refuse to pay full price, unless it's the right price. I got a nice surprise... since we are in the FLOORING business ourselves, I got those at the huge discount! NICE!

It was such a great decision to start over, I need to dig up the before pictures to compare.

And her is the chandelier from Home Depot. I wanted sparkle, and that's what I got.  See the mirror in the top picture?  that's attached to the wall permanently, it multiplies the light coming in from the window. With candles and dimmed lights the bathroom glows. Perfect spot to relax in a Jacuzzi at the end of the day.                                                                                        

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