Saturday, May 28, 2011

Master Bedroom Blues

Of course I didn't do my before shots... before we started painting... I can tell you that we had light yellow walls and that I couldn't wait to paint the bedroom the softies blue...

I finally got the nerve to ask my Hubby to paint.  We went to Home Depot and chose a soft blue. 
Behr Celtic Gray 490E-3 and mixed a 5 gallon bucket of it.  We got it home and Hubby started to paint around the door frames.  I started to get a bit worried. 

This beautiful paint color should look like this: (source)
But on our walls, in our light the color looked very bright and somehow it had a very aggressive feel.
So off I went to a craft store, to get some pure black pigment to tone the brightness down. 

After several tries, full craft bottle of black paint and a gallon of white latex, we finally managed to get the perfect blue for our bedroom.

Here it is: 

We are supper happy with this choice, just wait till I show you what it looks like with our furniture.  

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